New Normal Ignominy

* “Never worked for Russia.” Doesn’t that speak “Manchurian Candidate” volumes about this president when he actually has to say this? When we actually have to ask this? While scenarios of a Trump presidency ending prematurely are in play, we are reminded that no one ever had to ask Richard Nixon such a question.

* As critical–and crushing–as the 2016 election was, 2020 will be even more impactful. While the historical stain of this travesty will remain, we can reverse much of what Donald Trump has wrought. That’s because much of what he wreaks is via executive action. To wit: canceling the Paris climate accord, halting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, exiting from the Iran negotiations and raising tariffs and global ire while reducing respect for the U.S. and cooperation among our allies and partners. These are all reversible by a Democratic president.

* So Trump will sit down again with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, this time, presumably, with a written definition and details of denuclearization resulting. But one thing we do know–and it’s worthy of concern–is that North Korea, as well as the rest of the world, knows what Trump is facing domestically. They know part of his MO is to create diversions–which could be trumpeted as “wins.” So heads up on what these expedient negotiations actually yield.  

* Trump: “(The United States) will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds.” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu: “You will not get anywhere by threatening Turkey’s economy.”  Mike Pompeo (to himself): “I miss Rex Tillerson. I didn’t whore out for this.”

* “If you want to see a stock market crash, impeach Trump!” That was Donald Trump saying, in effect, “Whatever the hell I did or didn’t do, so what? This isn’t about right or wrong. True or false. This is about me, as it always is, and I will play all the scare-tactic cards I can.”

* “Absurd and almost childish.” That was the take–just a couple of years ago–on “The Wall” by a South Carolina Republican congressman who no longer talks that way. Oh yeah, that was Mick Mulvaney, now this absurd and childish president’s acting chief of staff.

* Sen. Mitch McConnell: He’s no longer just a gutless, sycophantic Trump enabler. He’s a co-conspirator.

* Could this Trump presidency get any worse? Yes. Trump could take up drinking.

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