The other day I was doing some stretching exercises at the gym–ok, health club–and I couldn’t keep my mind on what I was doing. I was aware of some chronic herniated disk issues that accompany me everywhere. I was also lost in thoughts about Hurricane Irma. Life wasn’t as fair as it should be.

Then, after coming out of a “downward-facing dog” yoga pose, I routinely looked around and happened to glance out the large window facing Azeele Street at the corner of South Dale Mabry. There, along a steamy sidewalk near a Starbucks was a person–couldn’t quite make out a gender–pushing a shopping cart filled far beyond capacity with stuff, likely a life’s possessions.

The person pushed the cart past the coffee icon, where a hipster-looking couple with a pedigreed poodle was savoring away in a shaded area. The cart-pusher, in a raggedy ensemble and shoulder-length hair, turned into the parking lot and moved out of sight. That dog, I thought, had a much better life. And my own travails, I also thought, just received a jolt of much-needed perspective.

3 thoughts on “Musing”

  1. Liked that one, Joe. That applies to most of us!

    Stay safe! We are waiting one or two days to see what happens with this storm. Stressful!

  2. I don’t think Zig Ziglar is the accurate comparison, but wine is involved! LOL
    Glad these comments are not being published!
    I read all of your publications, and you know we are about 180 degrees apart, but I like to read what you say. Your vocabulary is fascinating! I do not get upset about our political differences!

    Hope Florida survives this. I think this is the most threatening storm since I moved here in 1969.

    We still miss George!

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