State Priorities and Cuba

The Blindside State: Last week in Tallahassee it was pretty much business as usual. Lots of posturing between the Republican Senate and the Repugnant House over health care and budget discrepancies and Gov. Scott suing President Obama. Barely enough time for self-congratulations about those legislative proclamations condemning efforts to normalize relations with Cuba.

Meanwhile in Albany, NY., it was just, well, business. Gov. Andrew Cuomo took an entourage of key political officials and corporate chiefs to Cuba to take advantage of momentum that will surely be resulting in unfettered trade and travel to Cuba for Americans.

How serious was Cuomo? His corporate leaders included those from MasterCard, JetBlue, Pfizer, Regeneron, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Infor and Chobani, among others. Obviously not on his agenda: Having to appease the sovereign state of South Florida.

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