Root For Kansas

As the college football season heads toward the climactic BCS national championship game, there isn’t the same intense interest for Florida teams as previous years. Defending champion Florida will likely settle for a prominent New Year’s Day bowl and upstart USF, of course, eventually played its way out of contention. FSU and Miami were never factors.

So root for Kansas to win it all.

Undefeated and ranked in the top three, Kansas could find itself in the national championship game. And if the Jayhawks win it all, they will come to Tampa early next season as the defending national champion. KU is scheduled to play USF on Sept. 13, but ESPN would like the game moved to Aug. 29, the Friday of the opening weekend.

Regardless of the date, this means even more national exposure for USF – and an opportunity to start off by undoing much of the frustrating, unfulfilled promise of 2007.

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