Steamed Rice

So, Simeon Rice thought he wasn’t treated with respect and will play for somebody else this season. That’s show biz. Much ado about another millionaire athlete’s bruised psyche.

In the case of Rice, 33, coming off an unproductive, injury-shortened season, he was no longer worth being overpaid to ignore the run. Specifically, he was no longer worth a $7.25 million salary. He wasn’t last year either, but that’s about what he got.

The Bucs weren’t about to repeat that, so they asked him to take a pay cut. All the way down to $4.75 million. Rice wouldn’t do it; in fact, took major umbrage at the show of salary “disrespect.”

“Disrespect?” Don’t forget that Rice isn’t the player he once was – and won’t be ready for contact for at least a few more weeks. Don’t forget that respect works both ways, even in the parallel universe that is the NFL.

Wasn’t that Rice who had to be sent home – for disciplinary reasons – from San Francisco and consequently missed a Bucs-49er’s game? Wasn’t that Rice who bad- mouthed the late Pat Tillman on national radio?

Class act.

And still worth a $4.75 million offer. But not worth accepting it.

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