Islamic Incongruities

*Latest tactic among Palestinian women protecting besieged gunmen and trapped militants: offering themselves as human shields. Implicit is this message: “We trust you (Israelis) will observe rules of engagement that we are free to disregard.”

*If the wearing of the Muslim veil is a really, really controversial issue in places such as Muslim Egypt and downtown Cairo, is there any reason why it shouldn’t be in the West?

*The historically tolerant Dutch government continues to do an about-face, so to speak, on the issue of full-length veils like the Muslim burqa and other face-concealing apparel worn in public places. The Dutch now want them banned. Something about the fear that a terrorist might, well, don one to move beyond security checks and do something really, really unacceptable in a civilized society.

Lest they appear culturally intolerant, the Dutch also propose to ban ski masks as well. To date, however, no constituency has voiced an objection.

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