Debate As Circus Maximus

Thanks to a U.S. district judge, brash third party (Reform) gubernatorial candidate Max Linn was allowed into the debate at the literal last minute. Just in time to blindside Crist, Davis and Matthews and change the dynamic – largely to the detriment of Crist and the delight of Eugene Ionesco fans.

The court ruling was based on a recent poll that showed Linn, whose previous polling had maxed out at about 1.0 per cent, at 8.9 per cent. The threshold was 7.0 per cent.

A campaign handler, in lamely explaining the surprise legal turnaround to the media prior to the debate, was notably short on key details – such as who had paid for the poll. It mattered because it was supposed to be an “independent” poll. It was also supposed to be of “likely” voters. But who’s to say last-call customers at Treasure Island beach bars shouldn’t count?

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