Breezeway Sausage And The Media

The ground rules provided for a post-debate candidate availability in the breezeway between the Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV 8 buildings. Such ritualistic gatherings – including significant handlers and prominent partisans – have their own bizarre dynamic: another example of the sausage syndrome. Some things you just don’t want to see in process. Just the final product: In this case, the requisite debate-reaction spin quotes integrated into tomorrow morning’s newspaper or tonight’s film at 11.

First out was Linn, an astute move. A concentric media circle about five deep raucously engulfed him. He had about three exclusive minutes to rail on about encroaching socialism, third party viability and the donation of the salary he won’t get when he’s not elected governor.

Then massive defections and dispersal brought on by the appearance of former Senator and Governor Bob (“Linn made for a more combative atmosphere”) Graham, Gov. Jeb (“

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