Foley Fallout

Congressman Mark Foley is gay, which should, frankly, engender a collective “so?” from the body politic. By all accounts, his sexual orientation has rung true for years. But it’s not particularly pertinent to Page-Gate. Those who troll for minors and abuse their positions of authority ooze from all demographic ranks.

He also says he has a rehab-serious drinking problem and was, as a youth, molested by a member of the clergy. Advisedly, we take him at his word – except the disingenuous part about claiming these are not meant to be excuses. This is the victim card purposefully and perversely turned on its head.

All that matters is that, at minimum, Foley’s behavior has been disgusting, salaciously sleazy and — still — manipulative. And that he had more than his share of inside-the-Beltway enablers.

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